This week in Reflection


Worth the look today:)

There is something to be said for being able to climb a tree and take in the view, just like the magnificent creature on the branch above.

I have found this week a little harder than usual because I have listened to politicians being interviewed and found myself shouting aloud “why can’t you ask them about” whatever it was that I felt they weren’t covering properly. But however frustrated I am with journalists and their questions, I really do appreciate the work they do. So, it was with more than some misgivings that I find yet more jobs at Fairfax are going to be lost. And, I wanted to shout from the roof tops about the pain I feel when I hear that school funding and funding for our universities is going to be reduced. I have to state here, that I would rather my taxes go on education that 12 submarines!!! Anyway, that’s my rant for the day, except to say that it is really important that we be not afraid to question ‘why’ or ‘why not’

I am working on my exegesis and just in the process of making an appt with my supervisor to talk through the theory. While I wait to hear from her which usually takes like…5 minutes…I am also taking the opportunity to start the research for my next project.

“WHAT!!” I hear you say.”Your next project?”

“Yes, my next project.”

I think it’s really important for me to have a plan for after. I am hoping to finish by early next year and I know from experience that I need to have something to move onto. So, my next project is it!!!

It will be another novel, set in Ireland, 1900 to 1948. Why 1900? Well, in a way that’s down to Diarmaid Ferriter and his comments on page 1 (Introduction, The Transformation of Ireland 1900-2000) about many Irish histories starting with 1912. So, I’m a little conscious about my timing. However, that said I mark my novel’s timeframe by its needs only.

So, the novel will be another work of historical fiction that pre-dates my current text which covers 1948 to 1954. The research is fascinating, but before I get too caught up I need to have a ‘novel plan’. I need to know whose story I want to tell and why, and who the support cast will be. So, now, that I have calmed down a little I will begin to write my plan in pencil, on a clean page, in a new notebook bought especially for the occasion. Mind you, I have to say, that I have two new notebooks waiting for those marvellously enlightening entries. One is for poetry which I am slowly returning to, and the other is for the new novel.

So, that’s my week. How is yours shaping up:)

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