So it has been awhile and there are lots of good reasons for the break. I have submitted my draft of the novel to my supervisor for feedback and I look forward to learning what she thinks. I have also completed the first draft of the exegesis and wow!!! what a feeling…such excitement…but don’t worry as my feet are firmly back on the ground again and I can see how much work there is to do before I can say ‘final’. But at least I have something to work with…the best advice I have ever received  is to get it down on paper…write…

So, today I am not writing about ‘writing’ or working on the next draft of the exegesis, instead I am writing about ‘identity’. I should qualify that a little more, I really mean online identity. On the weekend a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Tara Brabazon and her amazing Vlogs. What serendipity!! I have included this link for you check it out for yourself:

For awhile now I have been worrying about how I go about ‘writing’ my Blog. It is supposed to capture the reflective and reflexive process involved with my study but I didn’t want it to be ‘scholarly’, I wanted it to be me. But, I might have to include excerpts of my Blog posts in the exegesis…so I can’t be too unscholarly either.  The joys. But hark…there is now a way I can work out how I write. It came from listening to Tara Brabazon talk about managing your online identity. So, I now have a way to construct and mediate my place online, as well as hopefully making connections. So, thank you and a bit ‘shoutout’ for Tara Brabazon:)

Have a great day…feedback is always welcome:):)




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