Drafting the Exegesis


I have started drafting the Exegesis…and I was happy that I had mapped out a ‘table of contents’ kind of framework before the work began. But, in the past week or so that I have been writing, I have found that I needed to make a few changes to the chapter headings.

It’s all about relevance of course, and sometimes that little nine letter word can take you on quite a journey. But, making changes to the table of contents was “no big deal” I thought to myself. Ahha…I should have known better…it really has been a big deal and that’s turning out to be a very good for me. You see, I have been sort of working on an exegesis draft for a while, putting all the information into what I thought would be relevant chapters. The literature review, the methodology chapter, the introduction and of course, the conclusion, and a couple in between.

So, now that I am corralling my research (treasure-hunting) to date together I have found a couple of gems that I didn’t realise that I had. Moreover, I have now found myself in the position of having not one really important issue to discuss in my paper, but two. Interestingly though, in the process of all of the early drafting I had formed a particular view. I was aware that this was happening and I kept repeating to myself “make sure you are objective”. But life was about to get more interesting.

One of the little ‘gems’ was found by doing a close reading of a book chapter that I had already read some time ago, and realising that there was a throw-away sentence that really gelled with my project. It gave me another way to think about my research findings. This little throw-away sentence has ‘thrown up’ a really important question in relation to particular issues that cluster around female Irish migration that I am looking at, and the book chapter and author will be gratefully and properly referenced. What this has also done is shown me that I have at least one more reason that I can use in demonstrating the relevance of my research project. I am so grateful and life has become so much more exciting.

The process of reading, reading and reading, and then writing, writing and writing is one that works for me and I am someone who learns by ‘writing’. Not always easy, particularly on days when you look out of the study window and want to mow the lawns  (Is that procrastination by another name? No…of course not..silly me, its called gardening:)).  So, now as I sit down at my desk and open up the literature review section, or the methodology section, I start the work with a smile on my face. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have times when I think about how much I would like to jazz up this exegesis process, but I also know from experience, that I work best with a framework to back myself with, as well as, crash against now and then.

I would love to know if you have any treasure-hunting stories:)

have a great week!!







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