What next? Are you really saying you don’t believe in democratic processes?


I usually don’t post on politics but today I find myself shocked at some of the twitter posts and headlines I’m reading about BREXIT.  In fact, I’m so shocked I just have to join the cacophony. I think it should be remembered that this democracy in action. So, are people really saying they don’t support democratic processes…sometimes the results surprise us and shock us. BUT  ‘democracy’ should be supported still.  I think it should also be remembered, regardless of whether you’re a ‘remain’ supporter or a ‘leave’ supporter, that almost 52% of the people voted to leave.

This means  almost 52% of the people have been very unhappy about what they see as happening in their ‘world’. Perhaps more energy needs to be spent on a ‘proper’ analysis of why. I’d also like to know where the statistics about the age split of the voting came from. Did people put their ages on the forms? I can’t believe for one minute that every single person over the age of 49 years old voted to leave, and everyone under that age voted to remain…and yet some of the twitter posts I’ve seen about older people have made me wonder which country I’m reading about.

Also, where was the ‘risk management’ plan…the ol’ plan B…I get the feeling that there wasnt one. Why not? It speaks to me of a complete lack of understanding of how bad the people are feeling? The first thing I had to deal with when I worked with government policy was ‘what is your plan B if that doesn’t work?’ So, again a proper analysis would be very useful here.  Cameron could have  taken charge and shown strong leadership…after all as I understand it, the vote is not legally binding. I think the opportunity to bring the country together has been missed. If only there had been a Plan B!!!!

The election is looming and next week  Australia will go to the vote. I have felt for some time now that there is complete lack of strategic thinking and ability to think about, or even of, the broader implications of government policies. Some of the policy grabs put forward by the government to get a quick hit in the media have been nothing short of stunning, spectacular even, and would have been an absolute thrill in a political feature film…except of course this is real life. I won’t give examples….there are too many…

I really hope that the shock passes quickly and that  people can settle down and that the ‘hater’s dont hold sway. Neither side of the vote has the right to totally pillory the other…it’s democracy in action!



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