The Literature Review



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Something to sing about – New Holland Honeyeaters


I read a fantastic post this week on the ‘Patter’ Blog by Pat Thomson called

the writer’s tic – it’s all about the invisible gorilla

I had spent hours and hours trying to get started on my Literature review…I have a lot of information, so no problems there, but that first sentence…o.m.g…well after the whole morning in the study, I decided on an early lunch, then came back to the computer but I only lasted ten minutes. Nothing was firing in the brain. So, then I went outside and moved some wood closer to the house; it’s actually starting to get cold here. I came back to the computer and knew and straightaway where I needed to go to get some technical type help…in just 4 hours I sorted out how to structure my Literature Review…and the vimeo mashup on Patter captured everything for me:):)

Hope you check it out and enjoy it too:):)




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