After the Rain


Today’s post was originally going to be about almost finishing work on Draft Four of the novel. It is almost done…just three chapters to go, and a final read through and fix up and then finito…till the next time.

But, (I don’t like the word However), we had flooding rains over the weekend which only stopped early this am. We thought we had been lucky because we had no leaking roof, blocked drains or flooding to worry about. So, we watched the news and talked about how hard it must be for the people who have lost their loved ones, or had water racing through their homes, or even those who had lost their swimming pool and half of their back-yards in the ocean below them.

That was until we found out (when I was able to get back to normal routine of doing the washing) to my horror that we had a leak in the roof above the laundry cupboard. We then found out that we had a blocked drain, and to top it off, the pump on the tank doesn’t work.

So, the novel is on hold for today while we wait for the lovely plumber to fix our roof, he’s just been to see what was wrong and has raced off to the plumbing shop to get what he needs to fix it. He’s quite pleased because the cause of the leak was immediately visible and he can fix it today!!! (we’re very pleased too). We will have to dig a little trench near the drain but at least we know what is causing the water to pile up. And we are waiting the ‘someone’ to come and fix, or take away to fix, our pump.

Now yesterday, before the rain had finished I prevailed on my husband to come with me and take some photos of the amazing surf pounding the beaches along the far south coast, and we did, and we got some amazing shots. I have attached one to the post…I hope it shows the tremendous power of the ocean that we happened to be witnessing from the headland.

Hope your week is not as eventful as mine is turning out to be:)



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