The Fourth Draft



I hope today finds you well. The weather outside my study window is gray and thundery-cloudy. We have had some warm weather recently, so the idea of a thunderstorm in mid-May, is not as strange as it might sound for this little part of the world.

It’s done…The Fourth Draft (I love that name) is done. Well, I should qualify that. It is written and now there will be an editing process which I will quite enjoy. It is through this draft that I can really read the story and it has taken me on a wonderful journey. Once this is complete there will be a little break and then I will return for the Fifth Draft.

Researching Dublin 1948-1954, has meant that I have scrolled through lots and lots of Irish newspapers – so many thanks to the National Library in Canberra and the Irish Newspaper Archive. I was searching for office equipment as I wanted to make sure that my fictional small office in Dublin was not over-equipped. I first set the office up with a ledger posting machine but on further checking, it seems unlikely that my little office would have had such a sturdy hard-working contraption.

Rather, it would have had a lovely adding machine, and human book-keepers, and there are several machines to choose from. As I have a book-keeping background (manual and automated) I have to say that while I love technology, and I really do, I did enjoy ‘doing the books’ with an adding machine myself. I had to learn to use the ledger machine and I hated it. It never balanced first time through without copious use of the ‘Suspension’ Account. Now it might have been that the old ledger-machine felt my discomfort. And of course, it was because my fingers weren’t pressing the right keys all of the time, but you have no idea how heaven-sent accounting software was when it first arrived…ahh…those heady days…

This has meant that the office no longer has a ledger posting machine but now has a lovely new adding machine.  Not a come down, but rather a relief for one of the main characters I imagine. But she’s yet to tell me in so many words.

So, here’s the thing for this week. Research is never done…and constantly checking my details so that I have confidence in the fiction I am writing, is a constant.

Have fun…and if you have had similar experiences with writing and research, or even book-keeping…let me know:)


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