The Fourth Draft


Good afternoon,

Exciting news. I’ve finished draft three of my novel and moved straight into ‘The Fourth Draft’. However, I was a little concerned at the end of draft three, that I was losing touch with the individual character’s storyline.

So, I’ve taken a ‘novel’ approach to draft four. Instead of reading through consecutive chapters, I have grouped the chapters relating to each character together, and am plodding through it that way. No, I’m joking, not plodding, but re-writing the chapters.

I have found it an immensely rewarding process to look at the novel in this way as I made a couple of changes to the storyline and found a couple of errors. So, here’s the thing…I am better able to make sense of each character’s part in the whole story and can now ensure continuity. This is particularly important if I want to make any further changes to the storyline.

Now, I had better get back to work:):)

kind regards



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