The Joy of story

The week has been busy with work on the novel, an abstract, a conference paper and a blog. I have had lots of help with all. So, now, it’s getting late on Sunday afternoon, there’s a gale blowing, and I have time to write for this blog. Then, the roast goes on, the dog is taken for a walk and I am going to read more of Kate Riordan’s The Girl in the Photograph.

So, here’s the thing! I am in the process of re-writing version two of my novel and finally I think I have it worked out. No, not the novel, I know that story, the characters just tell me…type Olga…type…get it done. But two events are worth noting here: firstly,

  • I have found a way to invigorate chapter 15 through using diary extracts. One of the hard chores in writing is how to convey the necessary information without it being an info dump. In chapter fifteen, the character is looking back and her story is important to the overall narrative arc, so I thought “if I were away from home and wanted the time to rush from July to September but wanted to keep some of the memories in my mind, what would I do?” And then I answered myself…good thing isn’t it being able to talk to oneself, you can do it in a kindly way. Anyway the answer I gave myself was, “keep a diary of course!!!” So, chapter fifteen has been rewritten and I think it’s an improvement. But we’ll find out when we come to write version four.
  • Now, the second event is that I had to admit to myself that a couple of the characters are just a little too good, you know, feisty, law-abiding and kind to others, and never lie. Well I was rewriting chapter sixteen when I realised that one of the characters needed to tell a lie. No, I mean it. She needs to tell a lie. So, she will and I continue on with chapter sixteen tomorrow but the character is hovering over my shoulder and saying “you really should get that sentence written today…I don’t want you to get all fuddy-duddy and change your mind tomorrow!” So, I guess as soon as I finish this blog post I will open up the novel again and get at least one sentence done in chapter sixteen. I didn’t realise that the characters in a book could take on their own personalities and be as demanding as my family (at times) 🙂

So, till next time, take care of you!!!




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