After the Conference


“The 1916 Irish Rising: Australasian Perspectives” International Conference was informative, very interesting, and believe it or not, I had fun. Although I must admit that as I considered various themes such as mixed and divided loyalties, huge complexities via far reaching geographic and emotional ties, I wondered how we are not all completely addled.

Now back home I am catching up with emails and other outstanding chores, and before heading back to work on Part Two of the novel, I’m in the process of writing my guest blog which will hopefully be published in June…and I will post the link here when it is.

I am looking forward to working on Part Two of the novel because I have seen the story start to unfold and the mists start to clear in Part One. Meanwhile, of course, I can’t entirely forget the exegesis. The guest blog post will be expanded to a conference paper for presentation later this year, and it will also neatly form part of the introduction to the exegesis. I have found it a very interesting process to learn just how writing can build on itself…so, the main lesson for me is to keep writing and not be closed to the idea of where and what I write.

Have a great day:)





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