the next step

Good afternoon,

And it certainly is a good afternoon here. Howling wind, driving rain and changed temperatures. No, really, the temperature has dropped a huge amount. I opened the door to the deck when the sun momentarily popped its head through the clouds and quickly shut it again. Brrr…race to the wardrobe…uh.oh!…haven’t unpacked the winter woollens yet. NOTE TO SELF…change wardrobe from summer to autumn/winter.

So, I’m being procrastinative at the moment although in my defence I have just written the second draft of a short story. But then again, that’s not really a defence is it because it confirms my procrastination. So what is the issue then? Well no issue really it’s just that I have been away from my novel for a little while attending to other commitments and I find myself a little nervous about making a start on the next draft.

Drum Rollll….I am about the start the third draft. So, I have now opened the file and the document and done a file save as into a new file…well that is a start isn’t it.

Wait…I have just read the Prologue…no changes there at this stage…and that leaves me with my cursor set on the first word in Chapter One. Whew…no changes to the first paragraph…but…oops…there are a few changes needed in the story from now. But that’s okay…stage fright has been navigated and next week will bring lots of connection with the act of story telling!!!

I hope all is well in your world. If you have experienced similar moments…let me know:)