IMG_6072I have discovered Twitter. I love Twitter and it suits me perfectly…at the moment that is…although I have to say that I didn’t feel this excited  when I first joined Facebook, which I left shortly after.

My supervisor suggest that I open a Twitter account and check it out. What I have discovered has changed a lot of my perceptions about social media. I feel part of the community studying Irish History and writing ‘it’. There is so much going on in Irish Studies (although I did know this before) but to be able to be part of the sharing of links to various sites and read the papers that other twitterers share on the topics related to Irish history and migration, is terrific.

So far, I have managed to access three papers related to my project which I don’t think I would have seen otherwise. They are recent works and it means that I will be able to get a better sense of what is around now as well as what has been written up til now.

The other little thing I discovered is that I can share my blog on Twitter. Now I thought about this for awhile and I questioned whether it would be of value. I thought and thought and thought and finally decided I would take the plunge.

And here’s the rub…if I am to share then of course my work must be worth sharing. If I wasn’t nervous about the thought before, I certainly was now. So again I thought and thought and thought and then walked away. However, don’t you love how there is always a ‘however’, I was going over some stuff for my upcoming presentation and realised that yes, that it would be worth tweeting the blog. The process engenders reflexivity and can be used to broaden my research methods. How excting!!

You can see I am suffering from one ‘cons’ of twitteruse and that is being restricted to 140 characters…so now I’m going crazy here. But wait for it there’s more…drum roll….

Using twitter will make me a better blogger and increase my experience in different types of social media…which all goes to improving my writing practice…

So lucky with my Supervisors and how everything seems ot be coming together…as I wade through the Literature Review swampland:)


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