Annotated Bibliography


This week has been very busy and with Christmas come down the line at the speed of the Flying Scotsman, the days ahead are going to be filled with all sorts of delights. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and one where strangers smile at you as we pace  the aisles looking for the delectable goodies for the Christmas functions that are locked into the diary.

Ok, enough procrastination…I, as you may know, have been working on a few papers for next year’s seminar presentation. Now in between-times I am also working on the Exegesis…the literature review section.

At some stage I have done an annotated bibliography…now not all the books I have read are in the bibliography…but those that are really relevant and the biblio …has become a wonderful resource.  I was able to read the sections that I had written and immediately remember a lot about the books or journal papers. Those that didn’t come so easily to mind were fished out of the cupboard in my study or accessed online. So, I now have a ‘plan’ as I work through the lit review and this means that I am making connections with all of the information I have gathered over the course of my research to date. It is very easy to amass lots of data…but finding a way  of sorting it and making notes that you can connect with is certainly something that I have found to be very advantageous done earlier rather than later.

So, I learnt a couple of lessons here…one, that the summary para works for me better than the note taking method I have been using, and two, I really feel more comfortable when I can set up some sort of structure around what I am working on.

So, have a wonderful  Christmas and all the best for 2016😄


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