5 December, 2015

This has been a very busy week and much has been achieved, including lots of Christmas shopping.  Now what has shopping, Christmas or otherwise, to do with reflexive and creative practices.  I have to say, that for me, the answer is lots and the reasoning goes like this.

Occasionally it might seem that you are not making much progress and so taking a short break is something that I have been doing recently. I noticed one morning when I decided that the lawn needed mowing and got myself organised that I was feeling good. We don’t have a lot of grass so I soon finished the work and it felt really terrific to have finished something that needed to be done.

That feeling of achievement flowed into the study with me as I walked in and sat down at my desk, cup of tea in hand and sat down. I opened up the work files and just got straight to work…and I now have the essay, updated research proposal and presentation almost ready to go…just in the final drafting stages now.

Just having a way to finish small jobs or take a break is good practice…it allows that time needed to think about what I am working on, how I can do it better next time, or indeed, whether I need to be researching something new.

have a good week😄




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