November 16

My heartfelt sadness about what happened in Paris I know is felt by others around the world. Solidarity in love will hopefully win the day, but I know as I write those words that the people conducting terrorist raids, shootings and bombings also probably express similar sentiments. I try not to be too judgemental but I think there might come a time when judgemental is exactly what I have to be. Or has it come already?

So this week, what am I up to? Well I have been away for a few days and have come back refreshed. I was having a little trouble with an essay I have to write and it came down to trying to get too much informtion into a paper of only 2000 words. So, back to basics…I sat down in a quite place in Rutherglen and thought about what the essay was supposed to encompass. It has to say why I am choosing to work with Hayden White’s take on the ‘practical’ past as opposed to the historical past.

White eschews the notion that professional historians are authorised to deliver a past that they consider the proper version on the basis of evidence authenticated by other historians. However, as a researcher-writer I want exactly that which is referred to a dry as a dust history as a referent point in my work. History validates historical fiction. Historical fiction validates the work of professional historians. So why do history and historical fiction have to be at opposite ends of the spectrum? And why do they have to be considered as complimentary? They are different and I would like to celebrate that difference.

You can see my problem here, I get too distracted. Back to the essay. Using Hayden White allows me to look at Irish female migration and research and learn. Then I will write a story based on that research. In choosing Hayden White as my theoretical framework I feel a validation for the project that I can defend. Okay, so the essay could be written in however many words that last sentence contained but then again it doesn’t say how…yet!!!
kind regards

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