30 October 2015 – Post

Good afternoon

I amIMG_7697 going to try and be really organised from this week, hence the date on the subject line. I am in the midst of preparing for my Confirmation of Candidature Seminar which is scheduled for Mar/April next year. And yes, I am getting a good head start which  I am  hopeful sure will  help me organise my work schedule for the next few months. Actually, it is not too much of an ask because one of the documents I have to prepare is my yearly work-plan across the whole study, have a look at Year One below.  Other fun activities this week (no, I’m being serious here – it is all fun) has been to go to Canberra and catch-up on HDR student seminar presentations. My mind was blown away yesterday by some of the projects that people are working on ranging from Aid in developing countries to hugely different concepts about film and performance art.

Anyway, back to the Confirmation of Candidature…part of the process is to also update my research proposal and this is going to be a great way to have a look at the results of my research and find what methods have worked and what haven’t, as well as thoughts about going forward. Making a regular day to write the blog-diary has been a great way to approach the reflexive side of this study…my main concern has been that I don’t get caught up with the recording of the work rather than doing to work. So, it’s all in the flow of the work…ha…let’s wait till next week to see what falls out of the desk drawer.

Have a great week.


2015 – Year One

16 Feb – 15 May

10 Aug – 6 Nov First semester

Second semester

Regular Meetings With Supervisors
Research Hayden White/ History vs Historical Fiction

Irish Studies

Creative Writing (practice and reflexivity)

Reflexive analysis of data and identifying challenges in the writing of the novel and the exegesis
Check out Various analytical approaches,   methodologies and methods
Search for new Journal articles etc Literature Review
Start work on Bibliography
Email Work-in-progress draft of the Novel and Exegesis
Prepare Confirmation of Candidature Seminar documentation
Start Blog This is to identify challenges and capture reflexive analysis and thoughts/processes

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